Static charge on objects attracts dust(and other small particles) from the surrounding area. Dust is being attracted towards all objects that hold a high enough static charge. Old TV’s were the best example that a charge attracts dust. These old TV’s had a charge of up to 30kV and were after a few years completely polluted with dust.

Objects in your home can be charged with high voltages and therefore attract dust from the surrounding.

In Industrial surroundings static charge on a material can build up along the process. Friction between idle rollers and film or the cooling process of objects creates a charge. Each new friction or temperature change accumulates charge. Charges can rapidly become very high. Charges over 100 kV are not uncommon. Static charge on material will attract particles from the surrounding. This is usually dust, but can also be other contaminates including small flies. In most cases this is unwanted and should be prevented. Special care should be taken when films run close to the floor because attraction of dust is inevitable. Solutions can be found by means of installing  anti-static equipment and Simco anti-static bars. Please have a look here to find a suitable solution to your problem.